Third Party Reviews

Roman D. | December 13, 2018 |

"Glad to find Norma here. Norma is new to this store. She is exceptionally talented in cutting hair and has done a fine job on my hair every time I see her. She's got an eye for what looks best and knows how to give the precise cut I want. My son too is very particular about how his hair is cut, and Norma has been the only barber to cut his hair the way he likes in the bay area. Highly recommend."

Melanie R. | December 08, 2018 |

"On November 21st my son got his haircut by Julia on his birthday! She did an amazing job! We will be back for sure! Thank you Julia for making us feel very welcomed! You made his day!"

Ana M. | November 13, 2018 |

"My son just got an amazing haircut from Juli at this location. She made him feel comfortable and was very courteous to us. I appreciate her suggestions and experience. When we go back, we'll definitely ask for her again."

Ed S. | November 12, 2018 |

"Robin- my worst experience yet and I have been going to this store for YEARS! Monday tried to check in on line- couldn't said call store- 5:45 pm site I am looking at says closes at 8! I get there at 6:25 and one of the girls- not Kristine snaps at me that I can't sign they are booked for the night- they close at 7, door says 8! Which is it? I finally(Tuesday) found a site that lists closing time as 7. Not a great showing. Feel free to con Robynn M - any updates on hiring? Still seem understaffed even according to on line check in times"

Alexander E. | October 21, 2018 |

"It's good for what it is, definitely geared towards guys, price is slightly on the higher side but you are paying a little bit for the tvs/lobby/theme of the place. Hair dressers seem to be decent, overall, it's a decent place."

Sc He | September 03, 2018 |

"Use to go to super cuts. Hair cuts were all ways inconsistent. So far no issues."

H R. | August 01, 2018 |

"Sport Clips is decent. it's clean. it now has a lot of online checkin support (a must). And as a franchise with a local business owner, I like to support it and they actually do a good job (caveats below). That said, you may be *miserable* if you don't prepare for your experience. If you prepare, you will be much more satisfied. I do not take kids there, I just go for myself. I do have some "troublesome" hair yet 3 out of 4 times, they do a great job with it. (that's why not 5 stars) My hints for a great experience at Sport Clips: 1. Use the online check-in tool to check wait times and to CHECK in BEFORE you go. Under no circumstances should you just "show up" and checkin at the desk. You'll be inline behind everyone else who checked-in online and who haven't even left their house yet. Or, checkin at the kiosk, leave your cell phone number and do a Target run. They will SMS you about 10 min before you are up in line. There is literally no point sitting in the chair in the waiting room (also don't be deceived if you see no one there...). 2. Choose Christine or Jenny when you book online. You may wait longer but you'll be happier with the haircut. Other stylists may vary. 3. Try not to go on Friday or Saturday. Go in the mid-morning during a weekday. It's so pleasant. (I know this is hard with kids...) 4. Do get the MVP sometimes. It's relaxing. Sometimes they have a special like an "instant reply" which is basically a double shampoo and head massage for same price. this is nice. 5. If you are not satisfied with something, ask the manager (Robyn) either when you are there or afterwards (I got an online survery to which I responded). I was really impressed that Robyn called me back after I had expressed some concern with my haircut and she offered a repeat cut with a different stylist (though I haven't been back yet to take her up on it). From her comments here on Yelp, it seems like Robyn really tries to make things right. Because of the hot economy I think it must be really tough to get experienced and stable stylists but Robyn seems invested in doing her part to improve and keep the quality up. Plenty of other (really expensive) salons in town also have a quality control issue. But, since are probably paying 1/2 that at Sport Clips, cut them some slack. 6. There is free wireless. So, take some work with you. Or take a book. Take a movie or tablet for the kiddos. if you end up waiting for 20 minutes, (the max you should ever have to wait if you do the above), then the free wireless can get you through any kiddo meltdowns."

Kenny Bania B. | July 24, 2017 |

"Pros: clean, updated, and lots of TVs. The hairstylist "Jenny" does a good quality job and doesn't rush. Price isn't outrageous but a little high for a "super cuts" style barber shop. Cons: Problem with this barber shop is the amount of quality barbers. Most do a good job but I stick with Jenny. Usually they only have two people working. That means long lines and quickly done haircuts. If Jenny's there everyone is waiting for her and wait can be 30 minutes to 2 hour. During this time you feel pressured to use the other barber of the day."

Haley O. | June 27, 2018 |

"1 star shouldn't even be an option for this place. Horrible place to get a haircut , unless you want to wait 2 hours to get a 15 minute haircut from someone who can cut hair worse than my grandpa. And the management is a whole another story, their is none. Whoever is running this shop I'd recommend closing it down."

Jacob Van Scoter | June 14, 2018 |

"Great place for haircuts ask for Jenny!"